ECCI collaborated with the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to elucidate grassland management activities and tailor subsequent reporting to quantify sequestered carbon. Results were published in Report #. DOE/EIA- (99).

An excerpt from Chapter 5 of that report follows:

Not all carbon sequestration projects involved forestry. New projects reported for 1997 by Environmentally Correct Concepts, Inc. (ECC) … used other approaches to increase carbon sequestration. ECC established permanent pastures on three tracts, comprising 33 acres on a farm in Illinois used primarily for cattle grazing and hay production. ECC reports that 55 percent of the carbon fixed by grassy and herbaceous plants is stored below ground in roots, corms, tubers, etc., and that the accumulated carbon is either retained in the plant structures themselves or released into the soil as the plants decay. The remainder of the fixed carbon is stored above ground in structures such as leaves, stems, and seeds. ECC has implemented enhanced management techniques to increase the accumulation of carbon below ground. ECC estimated the average sequestration for 1997 for these tracts at 8.8 metric tons of carbon dioxide per acre (5.7 below ground and 3.1 above ground).

Correct Concepts, Inc.

ECCI developed and patented practical climate change mitigation technology. ECCI is actively working to reduce greenhouse gasses going into the atmosphere.