Carbon Management Services

Clients of ECCI benefit from the following services:
> We suggest proven land management strategies that help you grow more grass for feed and fuel over historic baselines.
> We facilitate the bio-energy fuel market by aggregating biomass & enlisting and supporting growers of bio-energy crops.
> We help land managers create new landscapes that produce feed for grazing animals, renewable energy and allied ecosystem services and benefits.
> We facilitate the emerging greenhouse gas emissions trading market by quantifying, certifying and verifying annual amounts of greenhouse gases removed from the air (credits).
> We calculate credits annually using our patented technology and help you report them under the 1605b reporting mechanism.
> Timely consultation and education


To inquire about growing carbon credits, on farm and ranch land, or obtaining a site license, please contact:
Environmentally Correct Concepts Inc.
1999 N. 935 East Road
Monticello, Illinois 61856
Phone: 217-762-7767


To inquire about growing carbon credits, on farm and ranch land, please contact:
Bill Morgan
Burrton, KS
Phone: 620-463-2123

Dan Mosher
Wichita, KS
Phone: (316) 729-7636

Larry Willhite
Leon, KS
Phone: (316) 742-3346


To inquire about buying carbon credits from farm and ranch land, please contact:
David Pfizenmaier
Phone: 785-632-5911

Correct Concepts, Inc.

ECCI developed and patented practical climate change mitigation technology. ECCI is actively working to reduce greenhouse gasses going into the atmosphere.