U.S. Patent Information

> US Patent No. 5,887,547 granted for processes that sequester carbon from the atmosphere into grassy and herbaceous plants and the soil they grow in; also for methods to measure and quantify amounts of greenhouse gases removed from the air on an annual basis.

> US Patent No. 5,975,020 granted for processes that sequester atmospheric carbon in the controlled growth of woody plants, the soil they grow in and the humification of animal waste and plant material other than roots as well as methods to measure and quantify such amounts of sequestered carbon.

> US Patent No. 6,115,672 granted for a method of measuring carbon credits to be sold to a purchaser of carbon credits or the equivalent International patent information is available upon request.

Correct Concepts, Inc.

ECCI developed and patented practical climate change mitigation technology. ECCI is actively working to reduce greenhouse gasses going into the atmosphere.