On-Farm Research

Illinois On-Farm ResearchThree years of on-farm research at Caveny farm near Monticello Illinois were completed and the results were published in July 2005. Environmentally Correct Concepts Inc. and the University of Illinois at Urbana conducted the research at Caveny Farm in Central Illinois. Partial funding was provided by a grant from Illinois AgriFIRST, Illinois Department of Agriculture and Opportunity Returns, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, an economic development program in the State of Illinois.

The results of the on-farm research on the Illinois clone of Miscanthus giganteus were encouraging. ECCI began commercially planting Miscanthus in the United States in spring 2006.

In 2005 ECCI began a relationship with Bical , a world leader in growing miscanthus located in the United Kingdom, to promote additional on-farm research and commercial development of the Illinois clone of miscanthus giganteus.

By 2007 ECCI had contracts for on-farm research with other companies as well. Much of this work is now proprietary.

A projected yield map for the Illinois clone of Miscanthus production in Illinois was developed and is now available. Based on the research from the University of Illinois, Miscanthus can be grown throughout the state. Research at Iowa State University is also adding to the practical knowledge of growing miscanthus.

Correct Concepts, Inc.

ECCI developed and patented practical climate change mitigation technology. ECCI is actively working to reduce greenhouse gasses going into the atmosphere.