Advantages of Miscanthus

The Illinois clone of Miscanthus is a high yielding energy plant with low annual nutrient input requirements. Other attributes that make it economically and environmentally useful are:

    > Sterile interspecific hybrid - cannot become a pest
    > CO2 emissions from using it as fuel are carbon neutral
    > High yielding -test beds yields are about 15 tons per acre per year
    > Perennial energy crop- no need for annual tillage or planting
    > No known pests or diseases
    > Rapid growth in spring out-competes weeds - no annual herbicide application
    > Stores carbon in soil - soil restoration and carbon sink tool
    > Recycles nutrients back to roots in fall - low fertilizer requirements in spring
    > Low nutrient content - low ash content -- very clean burning
    > High water use efficiency
    > 7,500 Btu/lb energy content - about the same as Powder River Basin coal
    > Dry down in field - harvest when needed or convenient (Nov.- March)
    > Harvested using existing farm equipment
    > Harvest stems as they dry - reduces fire hazard - leaves left in field
    > Alternative markets: high quality paper, building materials, and fermentation

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