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While politicians debate and delay, YOU can act now to soften your carbon footprint. Purchase ECCI verified carbon credits from Tallgrass Beef. Tallgrass Beef raises all natural grass-fed beef for wholesale and retail sales. It is dedicated to growing more grass to raise beef in an ecologically sound and cost effective way.  Selling carbon credits from select ranches and farms is another way to reward good grazing practices and improve the environment. This has become even more important as high corn prices make plowing up existing pastures look more profitable.

Farmers and ranchers enroll specific tracts in five year Carbon Account contracts with ECCI. Each year ECCI receives the production records for grassland and grazing activities on those tracts. The records are validated by ECCI Account Representatives who are located nearby and make on-site visits throughout the year. The amount of CO2 removed from the air is calculated for each specific tract enrolled in the Carbon Account. The metric tons of carbon dioxide are verified by ECCI’s patented methodology and certificates of ownership for the resulting carbon credits are provided to the farmer/rancher.

Each carbon credit is one metric ton (2,200 lbs.) of carbon dioxide that has been removed from the air.  Some is stored in grass or the beef which eats the grass. Some is stored in grass roots which becomes new soil.  The amount of grassy growth above ground is essentially equal to the amount of growth or roots below ground. The more grass cattle eat, the more grass is stimulated to grow both above and below ground.  By managing the above ground defoliation of grass (grazing) appropriately, a farmer/rancher can increase the amount of grass grown on a tract of land, increase the amount of CO2 removed from the air and improve the soil.  The additional roots also reduce soil erosion.  The grass fed cattle move across the tract naturally depositing fertilizer for future grass.

View where your carbon credits came from.

You can see locate and actually see photos of the land producing the carbon credits you buy from Tallgrass Beef. Use the state and county and the map to locate it relative to other landmarks. The exact location and name of the farmer/rancher are not posted here because of privacy concerns.

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ECCI developed and patented practical climate change mitigation technology. ECCI is actively working to reduce greenhouse gasses going into the atmosphere.